• Eleaf iStick 200W

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    The Variable Watt mod form has taken a new step forward with this latest 200 Watt iStick from Eleaf. Their iStick TC200W delivers the power of a high-output device, but its compact size and shape are deceiving.

    Thread on a sub ohm tank and enjoy thick clouds of flavorful vapor powered by Eleaf technology. They’re not just the little brothers of advanced vaping manufacturers anymore. Cute colors are gone and the iStick has developed some attitude.

    Surprisingly Powerful

    You wanted it; Eleaf answered the call. They now provide variable voltage through an incredibly precise range of 1 to 200 watts plus Temperature Control up to 600F. Set yourself up for vaping with temperature-sensitive Nickel 200, Titanium, or stainless steel coils or select even more precision from Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR).

    This setting provides three memory settings (M1, M2, and M3). Smart technological people installed a chip which uses a mathematical formula to associate temperature and watts with resistance to a greater degree of accuracy than ever before.

    The Eleaf iStick 200W TC system supports coil resistance as low as 0.05 in any of the three Temperature Control modes, but these settings will only tolerate values as high as 1.5 ohms. The lowest a Variable Watt setting can handle is 0.1 ohms and up to a much higher resistance of 3.5 ohms.

    Why Coil Range Matters

    It’s not likely a sub ohm vaper will need a 3.5-ohm threshold for his coils. Even low-resistance coils for the Nautilus or Aerotank are rated for under 2 ohms. Advanced vapers enjoy a gentle vape now and then at low watts and low temperatures, but even then their highest resistance wouldn’t be 3.5 ohms.

    Accidents happen when a vaper builds coils for an RTA or RDA, however. Making a mistake could lead to trouble without this wiggle room, except that built-in safety prevents a lot of the dangers connected to resistance and output extremes.

    Unexpected Design Feature

    You were expecting something edgier, maybe? The Eleaf softens your perspective with an ergonomic shape that will feel comfortable in your hand for hours if you so choose. Corners are gone. Images of Eleaf’s latest unit, still in the pre-release stage, show a device that resembles the iStick 100W TC with rounded sides where a customer can install a single battery or both batteries, one on each end.

    It is a much lighter, gentler design than many 200-watt box mods. The 200W TC iStick looks like the iStick 100W TC and in the same colors: white, gray, and black. Just flip the cover open to get batteries out and put new ones in, thanks to innovative battery access, an element of design manufacturers like to play around with to see what people find most convenient. You will be needing 3 batteries to provide full power, so purchase at least one set, maybe two so you can keep the vapor rolling when cells are out of juice.

    Comparing the iStick 100TC with the 200TC

    At some point, excited vapers might need to pull back to take a really hard look at their goals. Maybe they are getting a little bit carried away. Is it necessary to own a mod capable of 200 watts when you own a 100-watt, Temperature Control device by the same company you bought two months ago? What can it benefit a person to double up on power?

    TCR is built into the previous iStick, so that’s no improvement. Besides, Eleaf’s more advanced mod is actually shorter than the TC100. It hardly makes sense, but somehow designers shaved off a few millimeters and you’ll really notice the difference.

    A 200W is wider, though, and the screen has more room to spread out as a result. It’s a beautiful iStick screen, the sort Eleaf has relied upon many times. The strip-style could be a part of the finish until the device is turned on, which is a stealthy and impressive move.