Eleaf iStick 100W


Eleaf trades on the popularity of their sleek iStick series with this new 100-watt dual-battery device. The Eleaf iStick TC 100W uses two 18650 high-drain cells positioned one at either side of the device. Each magnetic door is removable so that cells can be removed for recharging and replaced with fresh ones. Batteries are evenly charged under cover. Consequently, the box is rounded on both sides and the appearance is 100% balanced. You’re going to love the symmetry.

OLED iStick Feature

A slender strip of black screen positioned right down the center enhances the balanced look and also displays details crisply. Up and down buttons plus your “mode” switch are located beneath the screen but your lock/unlock switch has been placed at the top next to the well for 510-threaded atomizer tanks.

This 94 mm-long vape mod is, in many ways, a far cry from the original iStick. While it retains some stylistic features such as that strip-type screen, it’s a lot bigger and more serious-looking. Eleaf doesn’t offer colors for vaping at this level: just black, gray, and stainless. Pink and blue mods are a part of your low-power past.

Technical Stuff

Temperature Control (TC) technology is complicated stuff yet it fits onto a PCB smaller than your thumb. The firmware loaded onto the Eleaf iStick 100W TC can be upgraded by USB (there’s a mini port onboard) and you can also use existing firmware to select an operation mode.

Switch from TC Nickel 200 to TC Titanium to stainless steel to TCR or even bypass (mechanical) mode. TC mode enhances safety because it does more than stopping the box from overheating; it gives you the ability to set a top value that won’t be exceeded. In this setting, you can puff merrily knowing that watts are under control.

Compact Safeguards

The Eleaf iStick 100W TC power control board is always monitoring for red flags. It can tell when your coil resistance is too low and what material coils are made from. This PCB reads voltage, watts, and temperature, preventing the box from trying to operate when any one of these is at levels outside safety thresholds. If the PCB detects a short-circuit, overheating, or low voltage, it will warn you and shut down.

More about TCR

Temperature Control Range allows vapers to determine the precise temperature they want to operate in rather than allowing the mod to detect your coil material and choose accordingly. There are 3 settings for TCR: M1, M2, and M3 corresponding with soft, standard, and power modes on other devices.

Power Thresholds on the Eleaf iStick 100W TC

Your potential wattage is between 1W and 100W with a temperature variation of 200 to 600 degrees in Fahrenheit. Watts are variable if you want to overlook temperature control sometimes and stick with your traditional mode of vaping.

Select a tank fitted with Titanium, stainless steel, or Nickel 200 coils and reach resistance as low as 0.05 ohms. In Bypass or Variable Watt function, you can go as low as 0.1 ohms which is extremely low. Your clouds are going to be magnificent and potentially very tasty if you know what you are doing and the tank you select contains organic cotton coils plus excellent e juice.

Buy the Box

This 100W box mod from Eleaf iSmoka is packaged with a manual and a small USB cable for updating firmware or recharging without removing cells. Batteries are not included: add two. The 510 well allows you to connect most mod tanks with its spring-loaded, accommodating design.