Strawberry Strike


A candied strawberry bubblegum ready for the big leagues!

Available in 120ml tamper evident Unicorn bottles in 0mg,3mg,6mg, and 12mg nicotine levels.

For this flavor we used a synthetic nicotine called TFN (Tobacco Free Nicotine).

The VG/PG ratio is 80/20.


Lost Art Liquids in partnership with Next Generation Labs announces the launch of its newest e-liquid brand, Strawberry Strike. This is the first Lost Art Liquids brand to be crafted with TFN Nicotine® and is available to order now with shipments beginning this week.

Developed by Next Generation Labs, TFN Nicotine® is a test-verified non-tobacco derived synthetic nicotine created for the vape industry. E-liquids that use TFN benefit from virtually odorless and tasteless nicotine, which creates richer and stronger flavors for adult vape consumers, without compromising on nicotine satisfaction.

Lost Art Liquids maximizes on this distinctive flavor profile with the introduction of its Strawberry Strike brand, which is available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg nicotine strengths per 120ml bottle. In addition to the rich candied strawberry bubblegum taste made possible through TFN, Strawberry Strike is a competitively priced synthetic nicotine e-liquid offering for both wholesale and retail.

Brian Worthy, CEO of Lost Art Liquids, comments, “We’re always looking to bring new and creative products to market that our consumers will love. There has been a growing demand for e-liquids crafted with synthetic nicotine but it was important that we developed a quality brand that didn’t compromise on flavor or satisfaction, which is why the partnership with Next Generation Labs made sense for our Strawberry Strike brand.

Beyond its premium packaging and incredible flavor profile, Strawberry Strike will stand out in the market as a TFN brand,” adds Ryan Thomas, Lost Art Liquids co-founder and COO. “E-liquids crafted with TFN are redefining what a premium e-liquid is supposed to taste like, and Strawberry Strike is no exception.