O.G.B: Lost Art Liquids


Although extremely rare, every so often an e-juice flavor is released that genuinely blows you away. It is impeccably balanced, incredibly flavorful, and perfect as an all-day-vape. OGB by Lost Art Liquids is undeniably one of those flavors. As one of the most popular within the Slotter Pop line, you will enjoy this mouthwatering e-juice down to the very last drop.

OGB E-Juice by Lost Art takes the classic and familiar taste of blue raspberry popsicles and makes it substantially better by adding a burst of fresh oranges and a hint of green apple candy to round off the taste. OGB will have you shaking your head in wonder, contemplating how the mixologists at Lost Art Liquids could have envisioned such a perfect combination of flavors.

In addition to unrivaled flavor, Lost Art Liquids ensures that all of the ingredients used in their creations are high in quality and USA-made. As such, you will enjoy a premium-grade vaping experience that will cause an explosion of tantalizing flavor with every hit.