• Smok TFV4 Coils


    The SMOK TF-T3 patented Coils are specifically made to be paired and used with the SMOK TFV4 Tank. These unique coils are designed in a triple vertical coil arrangement, where each coil is designed in its own tube. This particular arrangement allows for and creates exceptional heat insulation as well as airflow production. This allows the user to moderate the airflow and heat insulation to their liking. Each of the TF-T3 coil heads is made with pure organic Japanese cotton for maximal saturation and flavor. When these coils are operated with the SMOK TFV4 tank, it allows for an astonishing firing output of 130Watts, putting it at the top of the spectrum of firing output capability. The SMOK TF-T3 Replacement Coil Head package contains five individual coil heads for your vaping convenience.

    The Smok quadruple TF-Q4 replacement coil heads are some of the most advanced coils on the market that are made specifically to be used with the SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank. They are made in a quad vertical arrangement that are all united in one tube. This arrangement creates exceptional heat insulation and airflow production. With this patented design, these coils are able to be run from 40-140Watts thru a quad vertical arrangement. The TF-Q4 Replacement Coil Pack comes with 5 replacement coils to keep you vaping and give you ample time to restock when needed.  The TF-RCA is a rebuildable clapton coil that comes as a single coil head and is made for more advanced users.

    The SMOK TF-S6 coil head is a part

    of the Cloud Chasing Series produced by the minds behind SMOK. This patented sextuple coil head has an extremely high vaporizing efficiency and should be utilized with the TFV4 only. The TF-S6 is the first ever coil head to have six coils within the larger head. This design alone shows that SMOK is at the forefront of the industry with these cutting-edge pre-built coil technologies.The patented TF-S6 coil head has a resistance of 0.4 oHm and a recommended wattage output between 30W up to 100W at its max. The TF-S6 coils are perfect for users looking for maximum cloud production. With the TF-S6 replacement

    package, the user will receive 5 individual coil heads so you can blow monstrous clouds for months.

    The SMOK TF-T8 Octuple Fused Clapton Replacement Coil for the SMOK TFV4 provides the biggest vapor production of all the SMOK TFV4 coils that are currently available to the market. The Smok TF-T8 octuple coils  are made of a stainless steel patented octuple fused Clapton core. Each coil is built reading 0.16ohm which is recommended for use from 60 watts up to 180 watts coming from the factory. Each SMOK TF-T8 Coil pack includes 5 coils. The SMOK TF-T8 coil is compatible with the SMOK TFV4 and TF4 mini sub ohm tanks

    The SMOK TF-CLP2 coils are part of the Low Wattage & Clapton Series. This patented Clapton dual coil head is made to be utilized at a lower wattage and provide the maximal amount of vapor! No need to worry about your flavor being compromised with these coils, your favorite e-liquid will be “sweet like a cotton candy”! The design on these coils are flawless! The coils feature a state-of-the-art patented Clapton dual coil head which allows for more surface area to heighten wicking exposure. These designs significantly improve heat insulation, airflow production and maintain the phenomenal flavor of your favorite e-liquid! These technologically advanced coil heads are constructed with stainless steel that encases the base of the Clapton heating wires and the organic cotton wicking. The coils have a minimum resistance of 0.35 ohms and the recommended wattage output is between 30 and 90 watts.

    The SMOK TF-N2 Air Core coil are a part of the Temperature Control Series. This particular coil is a nickel 200 dual coil head with two more air holes,allowing for cooler vapor and smooth air flow! These technologically advanced and patented coil heads can handle extremely high temperatures without the worry of a burnt taste because of the temperature sensing capabilities designed into the coils. The recommended temperature control range is 420F up to 600F. The coils have a resistance of 0.12ohm and should be utilized only with the TFV4 and TFV4 Mini.